Calming Recovery Massage

Begin with a Lavender Magnesium Foot Bath. The vagus nerve activates the body’s relaxation response and helps regulate stress. This uplifting oil-with lemon tea tree, juniper,  lime  and lavender induces a meditative state while promoting relaxation and overall wellness. This wonderful treatment begins with the Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist spritzed across the linens. Enjoy a Full Body Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage.

Treatment is complete with the Vagus Nerve Oil and tension relieving face massage using a Soothing relief balm with cooling coconut oil, cucumber and aloe.

Total Service Time: 90min $205| 110min $265 | 135min $325

Scalp Treatment Massage Add on $25

Traditional Massage

Swedish Relaxation Massage

A light to medium pressure massage using Swedish techniques for deep relaxation that will leave you feeling renewed. Guests will be offered some unwinding time, a warm neck wrap and custom aromatherapy.

60min $165 | 75min $185 | 90min $205 | 2 hour $285

Therapeutic and/or Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to release tight, fatigued muscles and joints, this specialized massage focuses on detailed therapeutic muscle work by using stronger pressure on specific areas and working the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Guests may choose cold or heat therapy, customized blend of aromatherapy, treatment ends with hot stones along the neck. 

60min $165 | 75min $185 | 90min $205 | 2 hour $285

Pregnancy Massage

Therapeutic pregnancy massage has numerous benefits for mother and baby during this unique physical and emotional time. Much needed relaxation and physical relief is given to nurture both mother and baby. Our body cushions support the mother and cradles the belly in the side lying position, alleviating discomfort.

60min $165 | 75min $185 | 90min $205

Specialty Massage

Deep Tissue Massage with Head and Neck Treatment Infusion

This specialized massage focuses on detailed therapeutic muscle work using stronger pressure on specific areas and working the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Designed to deliver a deeper state of relaxation, we end with a Head and Neck Treatment. Hot stones are expertly applied as we massage the neck. This wonderful treatment is complete with an intensive head and scalp massage using a healthy serum with restorative oils, aromatherapy and moist heat.

Total Service Time: 90min $225 | 2hr $305

Spa Elizabeth Signature Massage

Begin this blissful experience with a foot soak and custom aromatherapy blend for the senses, followed by a full body Swedish relaxation massage. Hot stones are smoothed along the back of of the legs to deliver warmth deep into the muscles. We end with a warm oil and therapeutic serum scalp treatment massage.

Total Service Time: 90min $215 | 110min $265 | 135min $325

Seabrook Signature Massage

Begin with an Ocean Salt Foot Soak and our Signature Sea Salt Foot Exfoliation using avocado butter and coconut oils to soften the feet. Unwind deeper while heat therapy is applied to the back and neck while your feet are nourished with a warm hydrating foot cream followed by a deeply relaxing therapeutic massage.

Total Service Time:  90min $215 | 110min $265 | 135min $325

Earth and Ocean Aromatherapy Massage

Enjoy this deeply hydrating and mineral rich full body relaxation and therapeutic massage treatment. Choose from OSEA Seaweed infused Undaria Algae Oil with aromatic notes of cypress and citrus or Osea Anti-Aging Body Balm with Açaí, Passion Fruit and Coconut Oils with notes of Geranium, Jasmine, Grapefruit and Basil.

Treatment concludes with an Anti-Aging Hand Cream, Hot Stones expertly applied to the neck and a Hydrating Essential Oil for face and décolleté.

Total Service Time: 60min $165 | 75min $185 | 90min $205

Hot Stone Massage

Heated oil and smooth basalt stones are expertly applied to deliver warmth deep into the muscles and tissues, promoting greater relaxation and release of toxins. You will leave feeling centered, grounded, and renewed.

Total Service Time: 75min $205| 90min $225| 2 hour $315

Sea and Stone Massage

Hot Stones are smoothed along the body with relaxing Swedish Massage while a seaweed-infused body oil delivers a rush of antioxidant mineral hydration that softens and nourishes. The Undaria Body Oil is infused with essential oils of Citrus and Cypress.

90min $245 | 2hr $325
Add a Scalp Treatment $25

Short and Sweet Treatments

Head & Neck Treatment

This treatment is designed to deliver a deep state of relaxation, beginning with the neck, moving to the scalp, and finishing with hypnotic acupressure and face massage. Warm oil and a therapeutic Root to Tip Serum is applied during the scalp treatment to nourish the skin and add luster to the hair. Incredible treatment for head, neck, scalp, hair and skin.

Total Service Time:  60min $145

Pain Relief Focus Treatment

A therapeutic and deep tissue massage treatment designed to ease the pain in your upper body or much needed focus areas. Hot stones are smoothed over the neck to promote deeper release. A deep heat muscle analgesic made from essential oils is applied to enhance the treatment. Treatment may also include ice application or heat therapy.

Total Service Time: 60min $145

Foot Treatment

A Custom Foot Soak with Epsom salts, Bath Tea and Aromatherapy. Enjoy our cleansing and exfoliating signature brown sugar scrub for feet and calves, a warm neck wrap, tea or sparkling water, and this tension relieving foot treatment and massage. This treatment can be enjoyed side by side in our relaxation area when availability allows.

Total Service Time: 60min $145

Enhance this treatment further with a our Warm Nourishing Foot Mask. A blend of organic oils, vitamin E and essential oils, with heat, delivers rich moisturizers that leave the skin soft and supple. Served with sparkling lemon water and fresh fruit. $25


Massage Enhancements

Customize your experience by adding something extra.

Aromatherapy Foot Soak

Enjoy a warm or cool neck wrap, tea and sparkling water.


Hot Stones

Achieve a deeper state of relaxation and comfort with a few hot stones. Heated oil and smooth basalt stones are expertly applied to deliver warmth deep into the muscles and tissues, promoting greater relaxation and release of toxins.


Scalp Treatment

Soothe and condition dry scalp with an intensive scalp and head massage using restorative oils, aromatherapy and moist heat.


Lavender Foot Treatment

Warm Lavender Compresses and Foot Treatment Massage offer deeper relaxation and tension relief.


Rosemary-Mint Pumice Foot Treatment

An invigorating pumice foot scrub and foot soak combined with a rosemary mint moisturizing foot cream and foot massage for a deeply nourishing and relaxing addition.



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